Hakne Silk Ribbed Knee High Socks - 2 Colors

$ 52.00


Silk knee high socks to keep you warm when it's cold outside! Silk is very warm because it provides an insulating layer of warm air against the skin. It also has amazing moisture wicking properties - allowing the skin moisture to evaporate quickly and thus keeping the warmth in. These feel so nice on and they have a sturdy stretch with their fine ribbing, keeping them in place. They're great for when you need the warmth, but also need a bit of a finer sock. 

These fit women's sizes 6 - 10

70% silk, 30% nylon

Hakne is part of the Nishiguchi Kutsushita group, concentrating on women's styles. Nishiguchi Kutsushita has been making premium socks in Japan since 1950. They use the finest natural materials to create knitwear of incomparable quality. We love the simplicity in style and the comfort their pieces bring.