Mirèio Unisex Smock - Ocean Blue

$ 355.00


We were so thrilled to find this wonderful small clothing collection this Summer while in France. These are perhaps our favorite pieces we have found all year. The collection is made by hand in a small family atelier in Paris. We were so happy to meet the designers  who developed this endeavor during the pandemic and have just debuted their collection this Summer. This style is Mirèio's unisex design with a front slit and collar. It has a simple, straight cut with a slight drop shoulder. The fabric is a sturdy cotton - heavy enough to wear into the Fall - and they can be layered as Winter approaches. There are two front patch pockets. We love this with classic Levi's 501's or shorts in the Summer. We think this whole collection is very special and we are so happy to offer it at our shop.

*** orders for size large will ship out Monday, October 3

Fit - These are available in two sizes - medium and large (take note that these are sized differently than the sailor collar smocks by Mirèio). These have a straight cut. The important measurements are below - 

medium - underarm to underarm - 22", length - 26", sleeve length - 23"

large - underarm to underarm - 23", length - 27", sleeve length - 24"

Mirèio was founded by husband and wife Paul-Henri Bayart and Margaux Varnavidou. They have been working on this endeavor through the pandemic with a deep interest in making a collection entirely in France. With a family history in the south of France, the designers wanted to honor this history and culture. They describe their name best -  "Mirèio is the Provençal translation of Mireille. Mireille is our grandmother's first name. Born in 1923, she was a gorgeous countess , founder of 'Lei Magnoti', a Saint-Maxime based cultural association celebrating Provençal folklore.  Mirèio is also a tribute to Frédéric Mistral's masterpiece. Written in 1859, the poem is a love story between Mireille and Vincent, two young Provençal people coming from different social backgrounds." We find the story a special one, and the collection has a substance and beauty to match. <3