Astier de Villatte & Serena Carone Ring Cup - Heart

$ 288.00


These cups are such special pieces. They are made by Astier de Villatte in collaboration with French artist Serena Carone. These are such a delight to hold in your hand - slip you finger through the ring and you are holding the most beautiful cup! Their charm and beauty makes them a wonderful gift for a loved one... or yourself :) The red heart ring cup is a favorite - we love the boldness of it. 

4" tall, 3" diameter.

Astier de Villatte makes every one of their ceramic pieces by hand. It is quite a sight to see. Beautiful hands making these incredible pieces. Made of a black earthenware sourced from the outskirts of Paris, and covered in porcelain. The combination of materials makes for very refined finished pieces with a hint of the hand and process showing through the porcelain. Astier pieces mix beautifully with many different styles- it has a versatility we look for in all the things we carry in our shop.

Serena Carone is a sculptor working in Paris. Her work is known for the intermediary space it occupies between reality and the imagination. The delicacy with which she works creates a fine articulation that does not hinder its mystery and poetry. We adore the work she creates with Astier de Villatte - they have symbiotic art practices.  The result is special pieces that bring delight to the everyday through their use. <3