Jeanette Farrier One of a Kind Baby Blanket - Soft Brown and Lavender

$ 185.00


These are the most wonderful baby blankets. I used one when my son was little and it was our family favorite. They are soft and have the nicest lofty and cozy texture. It is one of a kind, made from vintage saris that are carefully chosen by the designer to compliment each other and unite different designs and colors. These are truly special and make such a beautiful gift.

This one has a variation of browns and soft lavender.

35" by 35"", 100% cotton, made of vintage saris, by Jeanette Farrier

Jeanette Farrier works with a group of women in Kolkata, India where they hand stitch these throws. It is a collaborative effort between Jeanette and the women she has been working with for a long time. They are vibrant and bring so much to a room or the person wearing one.