Luis Romero Hand Painted Votives - 2 Designs

$ 54.00


These are so wonderful - handpainted votives by our friend Luis Romero. Each one has a candle inside and the outsides are lined with a lovely paper that is painted by Luis. These make really special gifts. We were at Luis and his wife River's wedding a few years ago and Luis made one of these for each of the guests - it was such a beautiful gift as each one was unique for the receiver. Choose from two options - one is a red heart with "amor, paz" and the back has a small love banner and bird - the other is a dancing couple with a man and woman and the back side has a love banner.

Each one is hand painted, so although there is more than one of each style, they are each their own special piece. Each one comes with a candle inside. Made in Mexico.

Luis lives and works in San Miguel de Allende with his wife River Burke (who's beautiful jewelry we also carry). He makes paintings, cards and these wonderful votives.