Ma Vie A Paris

$ 75.00


The most wonderful gift for anyone with an interest in the city of light! This amazing book by Astier de Villatte founders Ivan Pericoli and Benoît Astier de Villatte shares the city most wonderful places. In keeping with their playfulness and originality, the book shares everything from their favorite restaurants, shops and museums to a detective, dentists and cobblers! It's delightful - and you can't go wrong with their recommendations. We have eaten at some of the restaurants mentioned (Le Voltaire being one of them- absolutely the best)... and we haven't quite had the need for a detective yet, but happy to know of a good one just in case :) 

This boxed set also comes with a guide to the flea market - there are some great tips! 

Available in English or French, comes in a beautiful box. The pages are edged in gold and the recommendations are organized by category.