Momoca Paper Flower Candles - 1 Flower

$ 125.00


Wonderful handmade paper flower candles by Momoca with one stunning flower at the center and two little buds at each side. We worked with Momoca to put the colors of this collection together - it feels so festive and fresh for Spring.

These are all one piece- with the flower stems inserted into the candle. This one is made of silver and pink metallic paper, hand cut and handpainted, then attached to wires that go into the sides of the candle. These are for decoration only- they cannot be burned. This style is 12" tall and has one paper flowers. It is pink and silver. The candlestick by Astier de VIllatte is sold separately.

Momoca is an artist based in San Francisco. She has explored many different fields, from millinery and fashion, to painting and ceramics, to photography and art installations. Momoca is currently working with transparent paper to create 2-D and 3-D objects. Her background in pattern making of hats and clothing as well as the Origami all Japanese children learn, inspire her to create imaginative paper installations and decorations. One of our favorite collaborations she routinely works on is with Alice Waters at Chez Panisse making decorations for special events.