Nicholson & Nicholson Soft Wool Caps - 4 Colors

$ 138.00


Lovely caps in a super soft wool. These can be folded down for a different look. They have different ribbing patterns from top to bottom. 

One size. 100% wool, made in Japan

Nicholson & Nicholson began as a menswear collection and transitioned into women's by applying menswear sensibilities and techniques to their womenswear collection. Being big fans of menswear, this is what attracts us so much to what they do. The styles are classic and timeless with perfectly appointed simplicity. We love the slight, beautiful takes on these classic styles that bring something new to your wardrobe. The collection is beautifully made in Japan with cottons, wools, linens that have the loveliest hand. We are thrilled to bring this collection into our shop this Fall!