Nitto Hand Knit Sweater Vest

$ 495.00


A beautiful hand-knit sweater vest, made of Brazilian silk yarn. The yarn is produced from the silkworm to the yarn with organic, sustainable practices. The yarn is soft, but also crude and irregular, adding to its special feel. It has a natural colored edging along the neckline. This is just stunning!

Fit - This is one size. THe important measurements are below -

underarm to underarm - 17.5", length - 19.5"

100% silk, designed in Italy, hand-knit in Brazil

Nitto focuses on the handmade. Everything is hand-knit, hand-crocheted or hand sewn. They produce in small batches, with a dedication to sustainability. We love their pieces for the feel of the hand involved, and also the fun their styles evoke.