Out of Eden's No. 5

$ 15.00


Out of Eden's was created by Niram Watthanasit, owner of restaurant/cafe/bakery Eden's in Bangkok. This is such a delightful publication full of interesting people, thinkers, makers, recipes, homes, etc. This issue is 'The Individual Nation' - "In the age where differences melt and blend, defining things becomes a fluid thing. To me, one thing is getting even more important and charming and that is the quality that comes with personality of individuals" - Niram W. In this issue, Niram shares the illustration work of Bastien Coudert, the philosophies of Tourrette Paris owner Carole Korngold,  some favorite New York spots, and much more! We can't recommend this enough - either for a gift or for yourself! It will bring you so much inspiration :)

There are two different covers of No. 5, but the interior is the same. Choose your cover :)