P. Le Moult Pajama Set - Navy Blue Piping

$ 238.00


A beautiful pajama set by P. Le Moult in white cotton with navy blue piping. The style is from the early 1900's- the pants have elastic on the sides and around the back, with a flat waistband in the front with a button closure. There are side pockets and a back pocket. The top has buttons all the way up and a nice rounded collar. There is nothing like putting on a matching pajama set at the end of the day! 


Fit - These are unisex - they fit true to size, but if you prefer your pajamas to fit with more room, we would recommend sizing up. Most of the time, clients can wear both their size and one size up - it comes down to personal preference. The sizes are I - xs, II - s, III - m, IV - l, V - XL

100% cotton

The ORIGINAL WARDROBE of Eugène Le Moult, the WORLD’S №1 BUTTERFLY‑HUNTER :  active-wear in cuts from 1900-1950, handed down to his great-grandchild,  rereleased in CONTEMPORARY UNISEX motives for ladies and gents