Betye Saar, Black Doll Blues

$ 60.00


What a special book. This project started in 2017 as Betye Saar's gallerist was transitioning her works to the Getty Research Institute. As they were preparing for the transition, they went through Betye's archive and they kept discovering images they hadn't seen before - whether images of Betye's black doll collection, family photos and even watercolors from the 60s onwards, depicting her black doll collection. As the pandeic started in 2020, Betye, at 93 years old, became more isolated, but also inspired to revisit watercolors. The dolls were front and center in these new works. As Betye's gallerist, Julien Roberts explains, "Black dolls in the past merged individual lineage with historical memory. Now, typically housed in private collections, these dolls are separated from their normal familial connections, passed down over time by and for black families, moistly as a comfort during difficult times. How metaphorically rich, then for Betye to rejoin these dolls to this vital past within her work." Betye is now 96 and continues to work daily in her studio. 

This book is a collection of phtographs of Betye's doll collection and also her watercolors inspired by them. The beautiful story behind it all is what drives the inspiration one finds when diving in. We absolutely love this book!

218 pages, 12.25" by 9.25" by 1", by Maddy Inez Leeser