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Some favorite photographs from our series #15 with Kate Edmonson. There are many reasons we love to make these photo series each year. One reason being that we want to honor the designers we work with, who we admire and who's work we have a deep appreciate for. Each piece that we choose for our shop has a chain of process rooted in exploration, care and attention. All down the line, from the inception of the idea, the initial drawings, sample making... to showing, making orders, producing over the course of 6 months - each step is integrated with the next... each one taking time, passion and care. Once we choose for our shop, and once our choices have been delivered months later, the care is then in our hands. We get so excited seeing the pieces in person again and we start to imagine how we see them being worn, how we would mix pieces by the different designers we carry, how pieces can be worn from one season to the next... etc... we think a lot about all of this! Making these series is a way for us to pay tribute to all the brilliance and work that brings each piece to life. That is the departure point for us- this inspiration bringing forth our ideas to share all this special work by these beloved designers with you! 

The slip dresses above are by Sula, one of the very first designers we starting carrying in our shop 18 years ago. Sula makes the most incredible, easy to wear pieces in luxurious silks and cottons - the colors of which always stand out and which lend so much to the design of each piece. The shoes are by Repetto - a mainstay at our shop because of the wonderful history of the brand, the savoir-faire, durability and beauty of the shoe. Also a mainstay because they are our personal favorite shoes... and our daily choice for what to put on our feet! The socks are by Maria la Rosa who makes the most beautiful socks in all sorts of variations. 

The models are our friends Chloe LaDuke and Heather Walker. All photos are by Kate... a true collaborator going on many years of working together when we can. We love Kate's work and love that our friendship makes it all the more fun and meaningful. You can see a bit more of her work at www.kate-edmonson.com.



A Beautiful Landscape - New Photo Series with Kate Edmonson

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We are very excited to share with you a new group of photo series that we made in collaboration with our good friend and photographer Kate Edmonson. Together, these series are an expression of a beautiful landscape - both physical and in the imagination. The backdrop is White Sands, New Mexico, where the white sand dunes appear like snow and bring forth a similar silence. Against this backdrop, the wonderful pieces by the various designers we carry at our shop, and some that we made special for the project, come alive.

It had been a few years since we collaborated with Kate, so we were very happy to create this project together. We made this trip with our families and dear friends Chloe LaDuke and Heather Walker, who modeled for us. Above we share a few photos from the various series - you can see them all in our gallery section - #15 through #18. We hope you enjoy! 


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We have received a new batch of the Manuelle Guibal Breezy Shirt after lots of requests for it. It is made of the most lovely cotton that is light and crisp at the same time. The style is airy and easy to wear - you can tuck it in or leave it out. Wear it with skirts, jeans, you name it. We love it for the hot months because it almost feels like you are wearing nothing when you have it on. Chloe wears it here with the LVC pink sweatshirt over her shoulders :) These pieces are in our wardrobe section, along with a new batch of the worker pants in navy linen by Manuelle Guibal as well. 


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Night dresses for Summer <3 These light, sleeveless cotton night dresses by Scarlette are the perfect thing for warm nights. Made of a soft, airy khadi cotton <3 You can go to our gift section to see more <3


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Karen Blixen inspired <3 Always our point of departure for our Summer wardrobe selection <3