Charvet Éditions Linen Tablecloths - 2 sizes

$ 228.00


A beautiful, classic linen tablecloth by Charvet. The linen is the best of the best, the style is simple and elegant. It has a clean edge with no detailing anywhere on the tablecloth. This looks great with the Charvet hemstitch napkins. It is not pre-washed - it will get even loftier and softer each time you wash it. The color is a soft white.

Choose from two sizes - square - 71" by 71" and rectangular - 71" by 110"

Charvet Éditions has been weaving beautiful natural fabrics in France since 1866. They combine tradition and savoir-faire with modern innovation. We love the classic feel of all they make. The linens are so beautiful and feel wonderful in the hand. Not only do their linens have a durability for lasting through repeated daily use, they also add a richness to the everyday.