Dressmaker Shears & Tailor's Pinking Shears

$ 64.00


Two choices for your fabric cutting needs, both are listed below -

Dressmaker shears - Made of hard tempered steel and sharp serrated blades. These dressmaker shears slice through fabric with perfect precision. 8"

Tailor's Pinking Shears - These are wonderful heavyweight pinking shears made of hard tempered steel that can cut through even the heaviest material. They cut with a zig zag edge, to help prevent fraying on your ribbon or fabric and to keep your projects crisp and clean. We also like to use them for creative projects when we want a zig zag edge. 7 1/2"

Packaged with a letterpress paper label in a clear bag, making them lovely to give as a gift to someone you love or yourself!

Made in Italy by Studio Carta