Graham Mears Painting - "Coastal Path"

$ 865.00



We are so thrilled to work with artist Graham Mears. His work really speaks to us in its scenes of another time, applied through modern abstraction of marbleized poured paint. Graham uses "goof" paint (mistint house paint from the hardware store). He likes "the relationship to house painting - color that directly relates to home interiors".  According to Graham, "My paintings are all about paint, which I must say, I am in love with". We love Graham's style, and his humble way of speaking about his paintings that have such a rich background and mastery of color and paint. 

This painting depicts a woman at the coast with a pink dress, green tights, walking with her horse and holding a flag.

A bit about Graham -

He received a bachelors of fine art from the West Surrey College of Art and Design in Farnham Surrey, U.K..  then studied for a Master of Arts, in Regina Sask. Canada - completing an M.F.A At the University of Alabama (1993).

 His interests, all evident in his work, come from where he has lived and studied -

England an interest in classical painting. 
Canada an interest in modernism.
U.S.  modernism and southern folk art.
Painting and teaching ever since.

22.25" by 18.25" by 1.75"