Levi's Vintage Clothing 1937 501's

$ 295.00


There are some classics that we believe remain the best of their kind, regardless of how popular they become and how many new brands come along and start to make a similar style or product. For us, two of these classic brands are Levi's Vintage Clothing and Repetto. We have carried both for many years because we absolutely love them and can attest to their staying power - both in durability and style.

These are our favorite jeans. They are called the 1937 because this specific style was first introduced in the year 1937. The style is just fantastic and they look so great on. They have a straight, easy cut. They have a cinch in the back - this is such a great feature that makes them a bit adjustable along the waistline. It also gives a bit of shaping once you cinch them in. They are made of a rigid selvedge denim. They look great cuffed, but that is just an option. The rise goes approximately to just above your hip bone. They have beautiful shaping and look very flattering on.

Fit - Clients tend to size up a size or two from their usual denim size. These are sized differently from other denim brands in the way the number is bigger than assumed. We recommend measuring the circumference around your middle - just above the top of your hip bones. Ordering this waist measurement is the best place to start. They fall differently on clients with different heights, but we find this measurement is the best indicator of size. Also - take note of both the waist and length for size. Most sizes are only available in one length. It is possible to alter the length if needed with a good tailor.

Care - Rigid denim (unwashed, untreated) has been popular for some time now, so many of you are probably aware of the different ways to care for it and how it reacts. We will share some information for those who are not familiar with wearing rigid denim and how to care for it. We are also including a photo of instructions that come with your jeans - you can see the last photo for this recommendation. There are options - and the way you choose to take care of them will affect which size you should get. If you plan to wash them in water, the recommendation is to buy two sizes bigger than what you would normally wear in the waist and length. We find that if you choose to shrink your rigid Levi's right away, they tend to loose the beauty of the color in the denim. This beauty is the way they fade over time. Washing them right away will make them monotone in color, whereas if you wear them as much as possible at first and before washing, this allows the denim to show it's variation in tone along the crease lines and wear spots. Because of this, it is hard to wear jeans that are two sizes too big before washing so buying this way and caring this way is not our favorite option. The next option is to get a pair that fits in the waist, and whenever you are ready to wash them, take a dip in the tub with them on. You can then let them dry on your body and they will size to your body. This sounds very cumbersome... but it's a fun experiment and after doing this once, you can put them in a tub of cool water on their own for future washings. Another option is to not wash them (in this case, you would get the size that you like to wear from the beginning). Air them out on the line every now and then. We have found that because the denim is good quality, and because they are not super tight against your skin, they can actually live well with just being set on a sunny clothesline every now and then. And yet one more option that is not mentioned on the Levi's information card is to dry clean them. In this case, you would also get the size you like the fit of from the beginning. They don't need to be dry cleaned often if this is the route you want to take. These last three options are the best in our opinion because you can start wearing them from the get go with a fit you like and the fading will happen beautifully over time.

All this information aside, these jeans are not precious. They are to be worn, used, loved. Once you get your routine on how you want to care for them, it is easy! I have pairs from 13 years ago that I still wear all the time and still absolutely LOVE. They last, they are comfortable and we think they just can't be beat.

100% cotton, made in Japan 

*one more quick note - the cinch in the back comes the way it did in 1937 - with a prong that needs to be created by snipping out the middle metal bar with wire cutters (we are including a photo how to). We will take care of cutting this and making the prong before we ship them to you... unless you prefer to do it yourself. If you do prefer to do it yourself, please leave us a note on your order (not a later email that we might miss) letting us know. We find that most people prefer to have it working before taking them home, so we have decided to do this for you before shipping.