Patterns of Portugal

$ 30.00


We are so excited to bring you Patterns of Portugal by Christine Chitnis. We met Christine through our shop last Fall and it so happened that we were planning a trip to Portugal ourselves as a big birthday trip for my mom (she is half Portuguese but had never been to Portugal!). Christine happened to be in the processing of putting out her new book Patterns of Portugal, and was incredibly helpful with the best tips and recommendations for us. It so happened that while we were away on our trip, her beautiful book arrived at the shop. It also just so happened that while we were visiting Portugal, my brother was in a bookshop and came to meet us afterwards with a book he was so excited about... it just so happened to be this one! I said, that's Christine's book!... it was a fun coincidence :)

This book is a beautiful collection of Christine's photography - details, landscapes and all the textures that she has found in Portugal. It has a beautifully written introduction and page after page of inspiration. We can't recommend it enough! 

Hardbound, 285 pages, and 7.5" x 10" x1.25"