V. Barkowski Cotton Terry Towels - White with Red Stitching

$ 32.00


 These beautiful towels are made of a super soft cotton terry with a substantial weight. They are lined with hand stitching in a red thread along the edges. The embroidery lines all sides of the towels.

Sizing - There are three sizes available - a small face towel, a hand towel and a large bath towel. The measurements are below - 

face towel - 12" by 20"

hand towel - 20" by 40"

bath towel - 40" by 59"

100% cotton 

Valerie Barkwoski's philosophy centers on curiosity and discovering the world. She delves deeply into learning a wide variety of techniques by craftsmen with long histories of savoir faire and traditional ways of making. Her beautiful line of bedding and homewares is a collective adventure with Marrakesh craftsmen who work out of her atelier. Together they create timeless, beautiful pieces that attract the eye. We love the refined feel mixed with the beauty of hand work of this stunning home collection.