Vintage Frazada Pillow Cover - Color Block with Blue Outline

$ 225.00


Beautiful pillow covers made from vintage Bolivian frazadas. Frazadas are one of a kind textiles that have been woven in the Andes since pre-Hispanic times. They are still woven today, but the colors in the old ones have a special richness and the wool a durable, soft feel. These pillow covers are made from frazadas that have a particular flaw that keep them from being used in their entirety. They are stunning and add a beautiful spot of color to any room. 

These are being sold as just the pillow cover. You can fill yours with a standard 20" by 28" pillow as we used to show them in these photos. They have zipper closures and are made of sheep's wool.

We have 4 pillow covers to start of this style of color block. The colors can be seen in the photos.