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We sent out this email today and we thought to share it here ~

Dearest Clients and Friends,

We hope you are all doing ok and taking good care of yourselves. This will be a trying time for all of us,. but we are so moved by all the kindness we have seen and the consideration and care so many are taking for others. This is something powerful that is coming from this experience. 

We will be closing our doors at our physical shop starting tomorrow, and we will be taking it one week at a time. We will be at the shop throughout the week to add to our online shop and to take care of shipping. We can't thank you enough for your online orders - staying afloat will be challenging for many small businesses during this time - we truly appreciate your continued support.

We will keep blog posts and social media posts going - we hope only to possibly brighten your day and be there with you.

For those of you in Tucson - through at least Sunday, we will be available at the shop if you would like to make an appointment to come by. We can also run orders out to your car or ship locally.

We can be reached at our shop number- 520-795-2272, and by email - bonboutique@gmail.com.

We love our community and really hope to be in touch with you throughout all of this. Be well, take good care and let us know if we can help with anything. Sending good thoughts your way <3

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