May 30, 2015 | 0 Comments

It seems as though almost every photoshoot we do, we end up including a skirt from Pip Squeak Chapeau and Repettos. Both of these have so many possibilities…. shirt tucked in, shirt out, with a tee shirt, with a button down, with a big voluminous top, with a tighter fitting one. Repettos as they are with no socks, with dainty striped socks, with big chunky socks… black Repettos, gold, ballet pink, navy, leather or suede… Repetto Ballerines, Repetto Zizis. There are several things in our shop that we don't veer away from, and these are two of them. Beautiful, simple, versatile… perfect and easy. We came across this photo again on our friend Kate Edmonson's site- it's from a shoot we did together a while back. It made us think of how long we have been carrying certain things (and different variations of these things) in our shop… and how much we love them. Hopefully they will be made for a long time to come!

You can see more photos from shoots we have worked on with Kate + her personal work on her new website here.


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