Deb Achak, time capsule films

June 04, 2015 | 0 Comments

We had the pleasure recently, of meeting a lovely person and fast friend- Deb Achak. Deb is a photographer based in Seattle and she has begun making short films that capture the beauty of the everyday and family life. She recently asked Naïm about his song "Seulment Toi" for one of her new short films and he was so happy to be involved with her project.  This one was shot over a period of time on a family vacation in Tucson. We love this short film and the others she has done, not to mention her photography. To see more, you can go to Deb's website here

a little bit about Deb in her own words-

"my photography expresses my love of visual storytelling and environmental portraiture. i photograph the subjects i am most passionate about: my family, our home, our travels, everyday beauty. and because the photographer is often absent from the frame, I endeavor to include myself in the memories i create, with self portraits and time capsule films.

through the medium of photography i have found that the simple and mundane can be eloquent and poetic. photography for me has become a path toward mindfulness and gratitude.

i am self-taught and continually learning.

i live with my husband and two sons in seattle, wa.

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