September 03, 2015 | 0 Comments

The John Derian + Cisco Brothers furniture collection is our favorite furniture collection out there. We love the classic styles, the well proportioned sizes, and the beautiful craftsmanship involved in making these pieces. On top of all that, this furniture line is made with FSC certified maple wood, non-toxic glues and soy based foam. It is made by craftspeople in the US who are passionate about furniture making. We think all these aspects are important for investing in pieces you want to last, that are made with concern for the environment and by people who love what they do. Above is the fritillaria chair which we have in the shop. The design is based on a Napolean III style from 19th century France. It looks great with many different styles of interiors. We have other pieces in the shop as well as a catalog of all that is available to order.

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