March 10, 2016 | 0 Comments

Looking through some of our older photo series created with Kate Edmonson… it's great to look back and still really like the things we were showing then. These pieces stand the test of time. We still carry the shirt, jeans and frazadas shown. The shirt is the best basic button down shirt we could find then… and that is the case still today. We continue to carry these in white and black.  The jeans are from Levi's Vintage Collection and we still love and carry this style as well. They are a nice cut for women- high waisted, cut for curves and with a narrow leg. These have a tiny bit of stretch for comfort. The frazadas are like works of art- each one with its own character and color. Our  collection of these is always changing, but we now have a bigger selection than we ever have in the past. Of course we are also always getting in new things, but we really strive to make sure everything we bring in will be something that we will love ourselves 10, 20, 50 years from now. The same idea goes for us with friends and collaborators we work with on photoshoots and other projects- Kate has been an inspiration and collaborator since the beginning of our online presence. Every photo series in our gallery has been a project we have worked on together. Cheers to you Kate!  XO

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