animal ornaments

November 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

Sharing with you a selection of the most beautiful animal ornaments <3 We have been having conversations with our friends and clients about Christmas trees and what it means for each of us. Yesterday, a friend was in the shop getting ornaments for her children and we talked about how her tree brings back so many memories. Her mom gave her and her sister an ornament every year and when she left home, she had a box full of ornaments to start her own collection for her tree. She said that now when she decorates, so many memories come back to her... even feelings of being upset because her sister got the one she wanted all those years ago. We love these stories- some are humorous- with the whole tree falling down and some favorite ornaments breaking. Not funny in the moment, but funny in the retelling. These moments and memories are a big part of how we experience the holidays. We love the richness- the histories and stories. This is what it's all about <3 In our own story, my mom grew up with a tree full of German and Polish glass ornaments like those shown above. She then carried on that tradition with my brothers and I- we got to pick one out each year. We are so happy to be able to carry the same type of ornaments in our store. They are so beautiful- handmade and handpainted... and I think that's where the stories start <3 

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