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We have a new large assortment of bed rolls and cushions... and we were happy to find upon receiving our new stack of Selvedge magazines for the shop, that there is a great article on this company in the new issue. Tensira is based in Paris, but their production- from the dying and weaving of the fabric, to the kapok stuffing... to the sewn finishing is all done in Guinea, West Africa. The company began as a way to save the traditions of indigo dying in West Africa after seeing a trend towards the indigo workshops closing because of a favoring for less expensive, less labor intensive fabrics from Asia. Bringing back and using these techniques and resources, Tensira makes these wonderful cushions that combine a European sensibility with West African craftsmanship. A unique combination. We love the way they come bundled up with fabric remnants tying them together. A stack of these is breathtaking. We have two sizes available in a wide variety of stripes and checks- 38" by 38" and 36" by 75". Use them for daybeds, as cushions on a couch or the floor, animal beds, kids room cushions... the possibilities are endless. We have tested our own cushion in the washing machine and can say that they wash up beautifully. They're easy to care for and easy to use. 

Also shown in this picture is the beautiful ottoman from the John Derian + Cisco Brothers collection. We have this piece available in the navy blue Belgian linen. 

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