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Household goods- a list of the new, the tried and the true.

1. Antique linen kitchen cloths- these are assorted in a variety of textures and weaves. All have E S or P S embroidered in red in one corner. Approximately 25" by 40", sizes vary slightly.

2. Wonderful cushions to be used for pets, as floor cushions and day beds. They are made entirely in Africa- from the dying of the indigo cotton fibers to the kapok stuffing, to the actual production. These can be thrown in the washer and they hold up beautifully.  38" by 38" or 36" by 75", 100% cotton, made in West Africa. 

3. Metal dustpan, simple and perfect. Aluminum with red handle. Made in Japan.

4. An all time favorite... polka dot pillow cases, hand printed in India. The cotton has a wonderful feel and lasts forever! We have used them ourselves for years - 5 + - and they are still going strong. Sold as a pair, standard size, available in grey or denim blue dots.

5. Traditional, Japanese scrubbing brushes made of hemp palm fibers. These are great for a multitude of things- cleaning dishes, sinks, tubs, even shoes. Strong, durable and waterproof. 


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