September 11, 2017 | 0 Comments

We have just returned home from an incredible trip and we are very excited about the treasures we found for the shop while we were away. We were in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for our beloved friends' wedding (which was out of this world!!) ... and we spent some time hunting for special things. What a vibrant, ALIVE atmosphere we were in. I have to say, it was incredible to see so many local shops, restaurants (with the absence of blaring music that makes your mind go numb... just the elegant sound of silverware and the hum of diners talking and laughing)... stands of all kinds, markets, kids playing in the streets, horses riding by with their riders decked out in big gowns and the men in beautiful suits and sombreros, fire works cracking for anything and everything that could be cause for celebration, handprinted signs everywhere, ingenious ideas for using every last bit of everything- shoeboxes, plastic bottles, etc, etc, etc. The wedding of our talented friends was the most amazing two night event - there was lots of dancing, beautiful mariachi's, a procession through town with giant paper mache bride and groom puppets, music and friends. I have never been very far south in Mexico and it has been 8 years since my mom has been to Mexico City... we both can't wait to go back! I started this with the intention to show these beautiful handprinted bags we found and got sidetracked... I think part of me still hasn't arrived back in Tucson yet. 

To our lovely friends River and Luis <3 Congrats to you!!! And thank you for sharing Mexico with us <3 

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