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There is just nothing like beautiful textiles. Whether it's the material in what you choose to wear or what you surround yourself with in your home- the texture and feel of beautiful, handmade pieces make for an immeasurable depth to daily life. We love the idea of fresh, clean white pieces with an addition of color- whether it's a vintage frazada or a special throw by Jeanette Farrier (shown above). The white quilt is by John Robshaw- it's one of our favorites because it is a beautiful white cotton voile that has been hand quilted- giving it a lofty feel. You can put anything with this- whether you mix up your pillow cases and shams or put a throw at the end of the bed. It's stunning. The throws and baby blankets by Jeanette Farrier are all handmade in India- each piece is one of a kind... they are so special, yet durable at the same time. I have had one for over 10 years and I love it just as much now as I did when I got it. It is used in our house as a throw... and it is also my travel companion- being the perfect weight for plane trips and a layering piece if whether is cooler than expected <3 When things are so beautifully made, they are time proof- not only does it last, the style also stays fresh and inspiring. <3 

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