March 07, 2018 | 0 Comments

When my mom opened her first shop about 19 years ago, she had a big outdoor space where she made the most beautiful succulent arrangements and sold great outdoor furniture. She also had chickens in this space. When we became partners about 5 years later, we had to move our shop and take Henny and Penny home to live. We have a running joke - calling each other up at the shop and asking to order 50 or so chickens. The responses vary.... but we are very happy to now have a legitimate "yes! you can order 50 chickens" answer waiting on the line! These fantastic little cluckers come in different varieties and there is also a rooster and chicks in the mix. We think they are so fun for this time of year and can just see them as the most exciting thing in the Easter basket :) <3 

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