September 16, 2016 | 0 Comments

Little things and treasures.... pictures 1 &  2- porcelain flower stamp used to make a card- these wonderful stamps are made in Japan and each one is a work of art. They are made of porcelain, so they make more of a block print than a stamped image. The mouth stamp is by Yellow Owl Press and was used to make this wrapping paper. The beautiful cotton ribbon is made in Italy and comes in 100 mt spools. picture 3- John Derian paperweights- hidden in a special spot. pictures 4 & 5- pencil heaven. We have a great selection of pencils and pens from Japan and Italy. The four color pen in the bottom picture is a classic, made in Italy. The mechanical pencils come in a skinny, .5 lead and also a bigger, 2.0 lead. We love the pens that look like pencils... and also the pencil disguised as a cigarette- it says "be goody- no smoking". 

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