May 15, 2018 | 0 Comments

Elegant, timeless and comfortable. The black shirt is by Le Vestiaire de Jeanne... we love that it is almost the style of a simple crewneck tee, but made of a luxurious, yet durable silk. The sleeves are cut long, and their width gives them room to be rolled. The jeans are one of our favorite styles from LVC- these are the 1890 501's. In the year 1890, the Levi's 501 was first patented... a star was born that year- it has been proven! It's interesting to see how they have changed and morphed over the years... the early styles are so distinctive. These have only one back pocket, a high waist and buttons for suspenders.  They're just fantastic. Molly is also wearing the silver Repetto jazz shoes that are the most stunning finishing touch. <3 



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