June 09, 2018 | 0 Comments

Spending some time in France with family and friends... a renewed awe comes every year of the incredible people, interiors, design, nature... the list goes on .... that we always find here. It is a special place <3 

Back at the shop, there have been some adventures- one of them being a squirrel having a batch of babies IN THE SHOP! My mom came in a few days ago, found all the tumbleweeds fallen from a high shelf... and then she discovered it was a squirrel who knocked them down and had also just given birth!! She is nursing the babies to try and keep them alive. She is good at those things, so I am sure it will be successful. Schwew! Poor squirrel! Poor mom! What's amazing is that this squirrel had been hiding under a hutch in the shop- for how long, we don't know! A very bizarre thing. 

Aside from mysterious happenings like this, we are shipping as usual from the shop- thank you as always for your orders <3 Our pleated pants should be arriving soon, as well as our peter pan coat- both in the most incredible textured cotton- close to a seersucker, but a bit more lofty with a unique, crisp texture. It's very lightweight and so comfortable- 100% japanese cotton <3 I will post here when these pieces arrive at the shop.

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