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We are constantly talking about the amazing things that are being made. It is one of our big passions to find these treasures and put them together in our shop in a way that speaks to our environment and aesthetic. We are surprised and thrilled daily at the boxes we receive of what our dear friends and designers are making! Even when it's a designer who we've been working with for over 18+ years (going back to when my mom had a shop on her own)... they still excite us with the beautiful things they make. And it's not that what arrives is a surprise- as we touch, hold and feel everything we bring into our shop before we order... but many times we order 6 months to a year in advance- and we almost forget the details that make something so beautiful and that excited us in the first place. So, today we unpacked a box of the cotton pillowcases we have carried for years.... and we had forgotten that we had asked Susan, the designer, if she could make them in pink for us. Well, she did and we are so excited about them- they are beautiful. We know from carrying this style and from using them ourselves that these pillowcases are absolutely wonderful. The cotton is so nice and they last forever. To get a new batch with an incredible new color- all of them so carefully bundled up - it just makes our day. We have so much appreciation for designers like Susan from Auntie Oti... and others which make up a giant list, but maybe to name a few- John Derian, Astier de Villatte, Lauren McIntosh, Patch NYC, Ichi Antiquités, Pip Squeak Chapeau, Fog Linen, Le Vestiaire de Jeanne, Hazel Brown and Domi.... what I think so many of the designers we carry have in common is that they are concerned with beauty, with a timeless quality, with things being made well. They are not trendy, they are in a different realm. It is for a huge appreciation of them and the beautiful things they make that we have our shop <3 

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