August 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

Some of our clothing pieces and an Eliurpi black hat worn by our friend Isolde. These photos began with thoughts of a project with my partner (not at the shop, but in life)- Naïm Amor. We were listening to one of his albums one evening- The Western Suite and Siesta Songs - this is an album that he did in collaboration with John Convertino. It has both their unique styles intertwined, with the overlying feeling of the vast, open, wide space of the desert. A little bit of the wildness of the west as well. We were listening, talking and imagining this song really playing out in the space it resonated with. Thus came the moment to make some initial impressions of the imagery we were imagining... that would later turn into movement. There is more to come, but we share these photos with you now- as they really feel like this very hot moment. Our long summer that really gets intense in the month of August. 

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