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There is a special world of colorful wonders and unexpected moments - the world of Nong Rak (young love in Thai), a design and vintage studio created by our friends Cherry and Home Phuanfeuang. We have wanted these two original minds to interpret, play with and imagine an atmosphere around our own small clothing line- and the time came this summer when we sent our pieces off on a trip to visit them. We sent the box and they created magical lands around our pieces. When we received the photos, it felt like pulling the ribbon off a present- as the contents were completely unknown and a wonderful surprise. Opening them one by one was hugely exciting and we love what they created. Cherry and Home mixed in special pieces from Nong Rak- like the 1960's Chinese butterfly kite above, and others we will share as we post more pictures. Thank you for looking- we hope you enjoy!!  <3

To keep up with Nong Rak, you can follow their instagram feed-  @nongrakvintage

Also, we want to thank you - our friends, clients and collaborators - for your support of our collection. We have been overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, kind words, and orders <3 We hold all of that very close to us - it means so much. We see it as an evolving project of different parts, always open to new explorations. Love to you all!!! 

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