September 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

We are overjoyed by all the wonderful books we have received... and it's such a lovely time of year to be discovering new reads and sources of inspiration  :) Shown above is Short Stories by Paolo Ventura (an incredible book- a made up world with backdrops and scenes all made and orchestrated by the artist - inspired by a beautiful light he discovered in a barn he was restoring- after a bit of the ceiling caved in)... The Delicious- A Companion to New Food Culture (a wonderful book about new restaurants around the world)... Autentico - Cooking Italian the Authentic Way, by Rolando Beramendi (an incredible cookbook - beautiful photography with an emphasis toward elegant, fresh, simple (in the best way) recipes - some that we've tried and can say were delicious!!) ... and The Skirt Chronicles (a biannual publication based in France with interesting articles on art and fashion.  

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