October 02, 2018 | 0 Comments

We have been receiving incredible new things over the last couple weeks. Our textile collections are so beautiful- the qualities, the textures, the patterns... etc! Out of this world- we feel lucky to have it all together! Shown above are some incredible linen velvet throws, made in Belgium. We spoke with the designer of this line about the popularity of Belgian linen right now- and how there is a substantial amount of it being offered through many different bedding lines, etc. He said that this is why he started this line of textiles- to show something different with Belgian linen. He said there is so much that can be done with this versatile fiber, yet what everyone is offering is very much the same (simple, sometimes stone washed, easy, relaxed ... which we also love I have to say). He wanted to show the other ways Belgian linen can be used to create different textures, feels, etc. It really is special- this collection stopped us dead in our tracks on our last buying trip. One of those jumping up and down moments. Ah! 

We also have from this designer, boucle alpaca/wool/linen throws that are over the top <3 to be shared soon.

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