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We are sharing here a few things that will be 50% off in our actual shop this weekend. There is the silk tiny gingham shirt by Apunto b.- there is one size medium available. The same shirt comes in a beautiful dusty blue cotton- which will also be 50% off. We have one medium and one large in this color. These shirts have an oversized fit with fitted arms. They look great on- elegant and comfortable. There is also a fantastic reddish orange linen dress from Apunto b. - size small that will be 50% off. We also have various scarves that we have singles left of- these will all be included in the 50% off. The lavender one shown above is silk, the other two are wool. 

We keep our online shop small, so we are trying to show here some additional pieces around the shop. Everything in the shop right now- including new shipments will be at least 20% off Friday and Saturday- so if you see anything in the history of our blog, it will be at least 20%. We are also sharing things in our instagram "stories". Feel free to call and inquire :) We choose to make everything in the shop discounted for two days as a thank you- and as a way to perhaps make it easier to get something you've been dreaming about. Thank you so much for your support <3 We are soon off on our first buying trip of the year- hunting for special handmade things to bring into our world <3 We are excited to share what we find with you :) 




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