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Thinking of Spring and all the sunshine it brings <3 In the photos above, Heather and Isolde wear white cotton ensembles with shawls and hats. Isolde wears a dress by Hazel Brown- this is white cotton with a hand dyed silk collar. It is such a striking dress. She has on a shawl from Jeanette Farrier, a cotton batiste boy shirt tied around her waist by Pip Squeak Chapeau, an Eliurpi hat. The shawl is made in India where Jeanette works closely with a group of women to hand stitch all the quilting. Jeanette hand picks the vintage textiles she uses and puts them together in stunning combinations. They are truly beautiful- and we love these muted, soft tones. Heather also wears a Jeanette Farrier shawl and an Eliurpi hat... with a combination of pieces by us. There is the white tie back skirt, the white raglan shirt, and a new piece we've been working on that ties on the sides and has a small ruffle in the front. In one of the photos of Isolde, she has a John Robshaw quilted pillow case around her shoulders... as we always mention, we love it when things can be used different ways- who makes the rules!? And I will say... this is not just for the photo - pin that case at the front and you have a stunning collar. 

We want to send a huge thank you to our good friends Heather and Isolde for working with us and making this day fun! Isolde is about to head out for a big life adventure and we wish her an incredible, fulfilling time <3 


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