March 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

The warm weather hits and our minds jump into the scenes of Out of Africa. We see lots of white and natural.... it is time to lighten up the pallete! We just received a wonderful new batch of clothing from Pip Squeak Chapeau. Shown above are a few great pieces. The first picture shows a fantastic linen coat with beautiful details- the breast pocket and the high slit in the back. This is very flattering on and is sized small, medium, large. Also shown in the first few photos are white shirts- one has a collar that has scallops from the front to back- resembling petals. It is so sweet. The other is a take on an antique French night shirt- with gathering all the way around the neck and a wonderful collar. It has buttons half way down the front and at the closure on the sleeves. Both of these shirts are made of a Japanese cotton. They are shown with wonderful linen pants from Hazel Brown in the next photo. We also received a dress version of the shirt- this piece in a natural linen with a small gold piping around the collar and down one seam in the front. We have these pieces all hanging in the shop below an assortment of hats by Eliurpi- it's a great combination! 


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