April 03, 2019 | 0 Comments

Time has been flying by so quickly that we didn't realize our 15 year marker had passed us by yesterday! We celebrate all those years in business... and if we were to count the years when I would help my mom while at university, it would be 20 <3 My mom started her shop all those years ago. She found a tiny space and sold sweet home things and a lot of pretty things for the garden. She had chickens at that first store and many of our longest clients remember them- Henny and Penny :) When I joined her, we combined our interests and brought clothing into the shop. We moved locations and that unfortunately meant taking Henny and Penny home. They retired! Our new space brought new ideas and a lot of excitement. We have since moved once more- 4 years ago into our favorite space. We have ridden so many different waves and have been through all sorts of different moments.... all while feeling like we are so lucky to get to do what we love every day. Thank you for all your amazing support throughout the years... my mom and I talk daily about how fortunate we are to know the most wonderful people on all sides of our business. Truly- our daily interactions - whether they are online, in the shop... at a show or in some foreign place on the hunt, are truly the best! We love you! Thank you!! 

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