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Our friends from North Sea Air just sent us their beautiful new short film coinciding with the release of Ma Vie A Paris by Astier de Villatte, and we are so happy to be able to share it here with you. We have shared a different video from them that is absolutely delightful, and this is no different. This features Benoît and Ivan, founders of Astier de Villatte on a tour around their city... it goes along with their new edition to Ma Vie a Paris (which we have been posting about and will be celebrating on Saturday)... it's like your most cherished, stylish, quirky friends sharing their favorite places with you. It's not a tour guide... it's a key that unlocks the magic.  We think it is so wonderful that they are sharing all of this with all of us. Many would see this coveted information as worthy of secret keeping. But lucky us! We all have access to the places they would visit for all sorts of reasons- whether it's to take a life drawing class, go to a dentist ... or find the most special chocolatier or boutique. 

You can see more on the Astier de Villatte website- here and on their instagram here 

And you can see more wonderful films by North Sea Air on their website- here and on their instagram here




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