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Textiles + Astier de Villatte ceramics. Astier mixes so beautifully with many different styles and colors - we love to dream up different combinations. When I was in Paris, my partner Naïm and I spent a day at the Astier de Villatte workshop and I was so moved by the beauty of it all. We saw the artisans' hands in action, so delicately making all these pieces. All those tiny balls edging the Adelaide plates are individually made and adhered by hand! When you really think about that, it is quite impressive as then you imagine all the other pieces and their fine details... all being made entirely by hand. This is a known fact, but seeing it in person was awe-inspiring. The sculpting clay that they initially start with is sourced from the outskirts of Paris. Benoît and Ivan (founders of the company) first discovered it while students at Les Beaux Arts- it was used there for making sculpture. The process to make each piece takes days of forming, firing, adding the porcelain and firing again.  It was just incredible-  many pages could be written about the experience. We are so happy to have the presence of these beautiful pieces in our shop <3 We show several different pieces above mixed with different textiles. We get asked a lot if Astier pieces are included in our sale and the answer is yes- for our two day sale, it is included. Everything is included, for two days only. <3 We are happy to send more pictures also - let us know if you have any inquiries :)

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