October 10, 2019 | 0 Comments

We were so in love with all the colors, textures and patterns of the textiles we recently received. They were so fun to pick out and opening the box upon its arrival was just as much fun, all over again! We imagined these textiles being worn with classic clothing - we are always inspired in this way - mixing classic pieces with those that give it color, depth and richness. All the pieces above are 100% natural fibers- the plaid blankets, green throws and red polkadot throws are wool - the floral blankets are cotton (I will hopefully get these into our online shop today). The dresses, and the shirt Heather wears are by Gallego Desportes... Heather's skirt is by us. The shoes are of course by Repetto, and the socks are by Bonne Maison. The paper flowers are handmade by The Green Vase- Livia Cetti - her work is absolutely incredible. Each piece is a paper sculpture of the most beautiful color.

We hope you enjoy this series- it was really fun to create and we couldn't have done it without our good friends who modeled for us, and who are always a big support in creating these photo series. Thank you to Heather Walker, Isolde Edminster and Nikki Brzesinski. You are all an inspiration with what you bring to the camera and in no small way, to our world <3 


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