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We took a trip to one of our favorite places- it  is about an hour south of Tucson on the US/Mexico border. The horizon here is far in the distance where the golden grasslands meet the expansive sky. It is quite a sight to see. We go as often as we can for picnics and drives. We thought it would be the perfect place to take photos of some new dresses we have designed for Bon... and we also took along some of the beautiful pieces we have in the shop from Apunto b. In the first photos we show a dress that we have had long in the works. I began to draw this years ago and sat with it for a long time, deciding on all the details. It is called the Puff Dress. It has a substantive volume created by the space between the body and the dress which is made of a crisp cotton Japanese typewriter cloth. It has four covered buttons down the front and giant puff sleeves that have a life of their own. I wore the different samples of this dress all last Spring and Summer and I loved living in it. The next photos show an ensemble that we dream of someone wearing to a holiday party or fancy event. It includes a cashmere sweater and crinkled cotton skirt from Apunto b. Wear it with heels, wear it with flats. It's simply stunning. There is also a matching jacket that we can see worn in this way or with faded jeans and a white tee. We can not overstate the beauty of these crinkled cotton pieces. The fabric is very special. In the next photos we show another one of our dresses that is coming soon. This is made of a lightweight cotton that is great for layering in the winter or lovely on its own in the summer. It has a ruffle set away and surrounding the neck. We love it with the flower pins shown in the photos as well. These are made by our good friends at Patch NYC. We had these in our shop years ago and had been dreaming of them again. When we asked Don and John from Patch if they would ever consider making them again, they told us they were indeed already in the works for this year. They're so fun- made of different wool yarns, some with a bit of sparkle... and vintage sparkly buttons at the center. We love one worn at the top of our Ruffle Collar Dress... or at the top of a cardigan or coat. The Apunto b. pieces here are available in our shop and our new Bon dresses  will be here within the next couple of weeks. We leave you with these photos depicting one way we see these pieces being worn. We hope you enjoy! 

Giant thank yous to Heather Walker for modeling and Don Lightner for styling assistance :)



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