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Repetto <3 We have carried Repetto since my mom and I first started working together almost 16 years ago. This was at the beginning of their introduction to stores in the US - we were so excited about the thought of being able to carry this timeless, elegant shoe with a beautiful history of tradition and savior faire behind what they make. Typically, we carry small designers in our shop, but there are a few things that we believe are wardrobe essentials that can't be improved upon... and for those few exceptions, we will carry a bigger name.  Repetto shoes are at the top of this list -  they are forever classic, versatile, and made with such specialized skill... we can't recommend them enough.

A bit of the history of the brand- Rose Repetto first started making ballet shoes in 1947 and the brand became the go to maker of ballet shoes for prima ballerinas and also students of dance. It was Brigitte Bardot who asked Repetto  to make her a street shoe in 1956 and from there the ballet flat was born. Rose Repetto then established a factory in Dordogne, France where all the dance and street shoes are still made today. As the company grew, a school was opened specifically for teaching the skill of the stitch and return method by which all Repetto ballet dance shoes, ballet flats and jazz shoes are made. It gives the shoes an incredible amount of durability, also perfection in the exacting minimalism of the look of the finished shoe... and of course comfort. With the stitch and return method, the leather is sewn between two soles - giving the shoe the look of a true flat having almost no sole, but in fact there is much more there. They are the most comfortable shoes we have ever worn. We personally wear them every day and can't recommend them enough. We have personal favorites- such as the black patent jazz shoe above, the white jazz shoe and classic black ballet flats. We always love the fun colors they put out each season - the Repetto rainbow. Many of these colors are for one season only and some stay in their permanent collection. We love to mix the fun colors with contrasting socks in the colder months. There are so many ways to wear the different styles and colors - the possibilities are endless. We are forever fans and are so happy to continue offering them at our shop. 

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