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We have just received a beautiful shipment from Sula and have added those pieces to our online shop. Sula works with different communities in Vietnam melding their expert skill in hand embroidery with the designer's elegant designs. The silk Sula uses also comes from Vietnam and is so exquisite. The cottons are wonderful too - with a durable feel made so lovely with the hand stitching details. Above we are sharing some pieces we have just added online- by Sula and others. The Repetto Jazz Shoes in silver are so fun and they look great with all the whites and greys we have put together for Spring and Summer. If you have sizing questions, don't hesitate to call us - we are happy to help. The Gardner's Coat by Sula is so fantastic. It has an oversized fit with big pockets at the front and red hand stitching details. We love the size, the crisp cotton and the color of this piece. The Sula dress in the next photo is made of a lovely mushroom brown silk with handstiched pin tucks along the front of the neckline. This is such an easy piece to throw on in the warmer months - it is so elegant in its simplicity and ease. We love this dress with the Gardner's Coat and the silver Repettos- these colors together are beautiful! In the last photo is a wonderful shirt by Hazel Brown. This is grey with white pin stripes. Tuck it in, leave it out, it can be worn many different ways. It's another great piece for the warm weather ahead :) 

Our online shop continues to grow as we have the time for this right now. We can't thank you enough for your support. We continue to ship locally and everywhere :) If you live in Tucson and would like to pick up your order, please call our shop - 520-795-2272 - we can arrange to be there. Otherwise, we are happy to ship to you in Tucson - it has been taking only one day for delivery in Tucson. 



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