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As states begin to open up, we find ourselves reflecting on the time we have all taken to isolate - to take care of ourselves and others. What an emotional rollercoaster for so many - individually and collectively. We closed our shop two weeks before we were required to and I remember making that decision with my mom, both of us so fearful of what could happen - a thought process not different from any of the small businesses that have had to close. There is so much to say about this experience, but I will try to edit well and not carry on too long. I will say that for us, the initial fear shifted quickly into... how do we adapt overnight and keep our business afloat... then footsteps in that direction. Many of you have asked us for a long time to make our online shop bigger as you have known our actual shop carries much more than what we share online. We took this opportunity to do just that - and throughout that process, we have been overwhelmed by your kind emails and notes... your calls to check in on us... along with your support through orders online. We have been doing as much as we can on our end to continue supporting the artists, makers and designers we carry who make the things we love, who make the world a more beautiful place to be.  Amidst all the devastation from this experience, there has been new creation, new ideas, evidence of caring more about what we all support and how we take care of each other. It almost feels at moments like a different era. This could be a beautiful new reality. We must work to continue in this way :) All that to say, thank you so very much for everything you have done for us - you have kept our hopes up and you have kept us working. We will continue to keep our online shop at this level ... and maybe slightly bigger if we can swing it. We are dedicated to it, and we love every minute of it. Being in touch with you is a big part of that! We will also be happy to reopen our actual shop when it feels like a good time. We will likely go into Summer with limited hours at our actual shop, but we will keep our online shop efficiently going as we have been trying to do these past two months. We have always tried to ship quickly - and we have stayed committed to that. We so appreciate your orders and feel it is so important for us to get them to you quickly. We will continue to ship daily - so your orders usually go out the same day or the next day from the time your order is placed. For this week, we have decided to be available all day Saturday at the shop so that those of you in Tucson can have access to Mother's Day shopping through pickup. We will be there from 10 to 5 to run your orders out to you :) So far, that is what we have on the schedule. We are at the shop everyday, but hours vary because of homeschooling and all those important things. 

Sending so much love your way! We hope you are all doing ok and still hanging in there. I know we are all wanting to see our friends and family again in person... and I hope we can all do that soon <3 

-- The picture above is of our beautiful friend Nikki. We are so thankful for Nikki, Molly, Heather, Isolde... our friends who model with us on a regular basis. And our dearest dear Ginny - who many of you know by visiting the shop. Ginny has worked every Sunday for the last few years. We can't express how much Ginny brings to our lives and to our shop. We are so lucky for these incredible women and all the gifts they bring.  We looking forward to being with them again and working on new projects together. <3 




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